Here is the side-by-side map that shows all of Donegal Township as well as a zoomed in on the proposed borough.

The Ripple Effect

Note: These are only projections created from research from available sources. some numbers and amounts may vary as time goes on. 


What changes can our neighboring Donegal Township (DT) expect?

The proposed DT budget will not include water, sewage, or loan debt from water and sewage. Approximately 20% of Liquid Fuels, 20% of Act 13 and approximately 27% of taxes could potentially be removed for the proposed DT budgets. 


DT will be able to allocate funds solely to their territory for their roadways, Stormwater, emergency preparedness, environmental programs, and agricultural preservation, and more. 


What Changes can residents in the new West Alexander Borough (WA) expect?

The Proposed WA budget was calculated on the 2023 milage rate of 1.05 we did not include any potential ACT 13, Liquid Fuels or other funding. BOTH budgets are in the black!!



Proposed Government of the expanded West Alexander Borough 

Mayor plus council members. 

This new council will represent the residents in decisions of approving the budget, decide taxes, choose appropriate ordinances, complete council approved plans. plan for care of our 10 miles of roads, traffic safety, manage the water/sewage, decide on police presence etc.


West Alexander Borough size (approximates)

Who? If you have city water and or sewage with the exception of a few plots of land near West Finley and West Virginia, you will be in the new borough boundaries. The red roads on the above map represent the area of the new West Alexander borough. 

Roads= 10 miles

Acreage = 3045

Budget = $633,000

Parcels = 464

Businesses = 26 

population = 800



The New Donegal Township (approximates)

Who? If you currently live in Donegal township and are not included in the new west alexander borough you will remain in Donegal township. The township structure will remain the same.

Roads= 36 miles

Acreage =23,325

Budget =$970,000

Parcels = 1,229

Businesses = 90

Population = 1,573